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Kevin Moy

Kevin Moy brings over a decade of experience in distributed energy resources, working as a researcher, engineer, and consultant. Prior to joining Cadeo, Kevin was a Ph.D. candidate in the Stanford Energy Control Lab, leading the development of algorithms to experimentally age lithium-ion batteries using testing protocols reflective of real-world applications, such as stationary grid-scale storage and autonomous electric vehicles. Additionally, Kevin has worked in renewable energy startups, both in the lab and in the field, leading the development of software and hardware systems for backup power and bill management. He also previously worked at Strategen, where he provided domain expertise in smart grid technologies and developed dispatch optimization models for energy storage. Throughout his career, Kevin has learned to execute skilled engineering work while communicating complex technical concepts to project managers, field technicians, software engineers, academic professors, industry partners, and everyone in between.

Kevin holds a B.S. in Engineering Physics, M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Atmosphere/Energy) and a Ph.D. in Energy Resources Engineering, all from Stanford University. Outside of work, he enjoys playing music, cooking, trying new restaurants, and is an avid open-water swimmer, most recently having won the Bridge-to-Bridge 10K Swim (from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge) in 2022. 


  • Distributed Energy Resources (Solar PV, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles)
  • Data Analysis (Including Python)
  • Modelling and Optimization