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Rebecca Hovey

Rebecca Hovey is a senior associate with the emerging technology team at Cadeo. She supports Cadeo’s work evaluating efficient technologies, quantifying their potential for energy savings, and characterizing their markets. Rebecca brings subject matter expertise in industrial extended motor products (pumps, fans, compressors, and motors), commercial HVAC equipment, commercial energy recovery (HRV/ERV), equipment test procedures, and national codes and equipment standards. She has particular experience with commercial rooftop units (RTU) from her work at Cadeo, including supporting the development of two market transformation initiatives, developing a new commercial furnace test procedure and efficiency metric (CSA P.8), supporting RTU measure development, and leading research projects to characterize the commercial RTU market and the energy savings potential of various RTU features. Rebecca also leverages her technical experience in data analysis, and is a lead contributor developing a market model characterizing program activity for industrial adjustable speed drives (ASD).

Rebecca’s experience previous to Cadeo was in craft distilling and in process engineering for the oil and gas industry. Rebecca holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota. Rebecca’s hobbies include camping, sewing, thrifting, cooking, video games, smothering her cat with affection, and moving apartments once a year.


  • Motors and Drives
  • Commercial HVAC and HRV/ERV
  • Equipment Test Procedures and Performance Metrics
  • Energy Codes and Regulation