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Marcus Dimeo

Marcus Dimeo is an associate at Cadeo with a diverse background in clean energy, building energy modeling, residential and commercial HVAC, decarbonization, oil-water brine analytics, and geotechnical drilling. Marcus brings an enthusiastic passion for implementing sustainable and efficient technologies to the Emerging Tech Team. His responsibilities include quantifying energy savings, market characterization, and reviewing national codes and equipment standards. Prior to joining Cadeo, Marcus’s experience included remediation drilling in the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge and performing thermal-hydraulic modeling of mineral scale formation in the Permian Basin.

Marcus received a B.S. in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Energy Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. During his studies, Marcus completed a techno-economic research assessment of pairing Direct Air Capture sorbent technology with air conditioning units. Outside of work, you might find Marcus skiing or snowboarding, playing sports, or hiking somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. He also loves picking up new hobbies, but we’ll see how long his gardening hobby lasts…


  • Data Analysis

  • Energy Efficiency Modeling

  • Technologies Research