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Lima Hossain

Lima Hossain brings a diverse background in econometrics, research, and environmental-natural resource economics to her work. At Cadeo, she contributes to a variety of market research, distributed energy resources, and emerging technology projects. Recently, Lima developed an interactive participation dashboard with integrated GIS functionality for Rhode Island as well as a locational-based GIS analysis to identify prioritization areas for community benefit targeting in Oregon.

Lima also leads several research and strategy projects focused on clean energy and equity policies in Oregon, Washington, California, and New York. Lima applies her skills in GIS to these efforts. Her expertise fosters an understanding of the spatial, geographical, and environmental factors that influence program participation within vulnerable populations. As clean energy/electrification policies increase, her research helps determine areas of improvement for programs hoping to reach underserved communities. Furthermore, she helps stakeholders establish whether benefits are received by populations most impacted by climate change and pollution.

Before joining Cadeo, Lima worked at the Center for Regional Economic Advancement-Cornell University as a Programs Assistant. There, she provided logistical support, stakeholder engagement & communications, and event management across five entrepreneurship programs. Lima holds a B.A. in Mathematics-Economics from Ithaca College and M.S. in Applied Economics with a concentration in Environmental and Natural Resources from Oregon State University. In her spare time, Lima enjoys seeing live music, discovering new cafes, and hiking the trails of the Pacific Northwest.


  • Econometrics
  • Research and GIS Analysis
  • Data Analytics and Visualization