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Jonathan Pinko

Jonathan Pinko brings over three years of experience in data analytics and energy efficiency to his work at Cadeo. His diverse background includes modeling energy output from solar and battery storage units and running Monte Carlo Simulations on environmental data. Through these experiences, Jonathan developed strong skills in writing clean, efficient code as well as thorough, invaluable reports. His work aims to support clients in their goals to evaluate and improve energy efficiency programs. He is excited to utilize his programming background and industry experience to construct energy models for Cadeo.

Prior to Cadeo, Jonathan played an integral role in highlighting the effectiveness of California demand response measures, such as the Emergency Load Reduction Program. This work involved calculating the energy savings in peak usage hours that can be attributed to California’s programs. Furthermore, he constructed critical models to predict the energy outputs of rooftop solar units. As a result, evaluation teams could accurately determine the efficacy of programs that incentivize the installation of distributed energy resources.

Jonathan has a BS in Earth Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MS in Earth Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He attributes both his interest in sustainability and programming skills to his education in earth science. His MS thesis involved constructing MATLAB programs that run time-series simulations on geologic data to predict volcanic eruptions. Outside of work, Jonathan is an avid rock climber. When he is not pursuing this passion, he also enjoys tinkering with his Honda Element buildout, scoping out new electronic music discoveries, and reading dense novels he may or may not understand.


  • Building Energy Modeling
  • Data Analysis (Including Python)
  • Technologies Research