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Kyle Chase

Kyle Chase has been working on residential energy use since the early aughts, progressively promoted from a humble weatherization tech to construction management and sales, and then transitioning into program implementation management and energy efficiency engineering for utilities and government entities. He comes with a wealth of practical dirt-under-the-fingernails experience and an understanding of the work at a very intimate level. He has a passion for building science, solving complex puzzles, and quality workmanship. 

Prior to joining Cadeo, Kyle was a senior building science analyst with CLEAResult. There, he managed the PTCS heat pump commissioning program on behalf of BPA. His accomplishments there included adapting new remote QA procedures during the difficult COVID period to address backlogs and navigating a challenging program redesign process. He also was the residential subject matter expert lead for the engineering team. In this role, he provided key support for many energy efficiency and demand response programs across the country. He was highly utilized in measure and portfolio development that was instrumental in acquiring new contracts for the company and helped utility clients meet their goals in complex and varied regulatory environments. Kyle also led a field team for Portland General Electric’s DR pilots for direct installation in residential, commercial, and industrial and was instrumental in the high satisfaction rates among participants.

Prior to these experiences, Kyle also managed several programs in low-income weatherization and flood insurance premium reduction on behalf of the Portland housing bureau. He worked closely with tribal and community groups to achieve program goals. Kyle is an experienced trainer and has certified hundreds of energy auditors, HVAC and weatherization techs in RESNET, BPI, PTCS, and HES certifications as a proctor and quality assurance designee. He is a level one certified thermographer and has a doctorate in the school of hard knocks. 


  • Residential HVAC
  • Residential Envelope
  • Low-Income Weatherization
  • Home Electrification
  • Demand Response