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Courtney Dale

Courtney brings a decade of experience in energy efficiency program implementation, management, and analysis to his work at Cadeo. His experience provides a pragmatic perspective for Cadeo clients focused on developing and implementing programs for pumps, circulators, and fans, by refining strategic approaches to program development and identifying promising elements through data-driven program design. Throughout his career, Courtney has worked to identify and implement solutions to widespread inefficiencies. From crawlspaces beneath single family homes, to building science and home performance, to managing large-scale regional weatherization programs, his understanding of the challenges that face energy efficiency efforts provide a real-world perspective to Cadeo’s program research.

Courtney is passionate about extending energy program benefits and policies to underserved populations, having prioritized this throughout his career. He holds a B.A. in Environmental Science from Lewis & Clark College and an M.S. in Energy Policy from Johns Hopkins University.


  • Weatherization
  • Pumps, circulators, fans
  • Program Management