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Bobby Stitt

Bobby Stitt is an analyst with a diverse background in energy efficiency, spanning industries and sectors from commercial to industrial. With a combined 3 years’ experience in energy efficiency and international water management, Bobby brings a comprehensive perspective to his role. 

Previously, Bobby worked at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. There, he developed and implemented market transformation strategies for commercial energy end uses. These applications included high efficiency boilers, clean water pumps, circulator pumps, and cold climate gas heat pumps. He also conducted research, drafted professional written products, and facilitated meetings to promote high-performing equipment and energy efficiency. 

In his current role at Cadeo, Bobby plays a pivotal role in advancing energy efficiency in commercial and industrial spaces. He is committed to creative problem solving and adeptly communicating findings, summaries, and observations. Motivated by his experience conducting primary research, Bobby is not afraid to ask questions and eagerly engage with experts. He holds a BA in Economics and Environmental Policy from Pitzer College. 

Outside of his professional endeavors, Bobby is an avid hiker who has completed the Appalachian Trail, Long Trail, and El Camino de Santiago. He is also a talented painter, influenced by his father’s profession. Bobby enjoys spending time with his 8-month-old puppy named Inky, as well as exercising regularly and maintaining a vegan lifestyle. 

Bobby’s expertise and multi-dimensional skillset help him actively contribute to Cadeo’s mission to drive clean energy, efficiency, and sustainability, both in his professional work and through his diverse range of interests. 


  • Commercial and Industrial Equipment Efficiency

  • Natural Gas-Dependent Equipment Efficiency

  • Customer and Client Engagement

  • Technical Deliverable Preparation