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Julianne MacLennan

With over five years of experience working at the intersection of design, research, and policy, Julianne MacLennan brings a unique insight into the nuts and bolts of decarbonization and electrification. Prior to joining Cadeo, Julianne was a sustainable building engineer with Ecotope, Inc. While there, she focused on design engineering as well as project management, commissioning, auditing, modeling, research, and writing.  

Julianne recently led the Central CO2 HPWH Technology Evaluation and Demonstration project design team for the California Energy Commission. This project replaced existing fossil fuel water heating systems in five California multifamily buildings with new-to-market CO2 heat pump water heaters. As a result, lessons learned and M&V analysis were used to produce market technology transformation tools. These technical reports and design guides for designers and installers help drive the market toward energy efficient, low-GWP design solutions. She has experience performing comprehensive building energy audits and analysis and creating design solutions to reduce energy and carbon usage, therefore allowing her to assess building energy usage and understand how to deliver energy-efficient, net-zero buildings.  

Julianne holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Honors College. Outside of sustainability work, Julianne is a dedicated mountain biker, yoga practitioner, and mushroom forager. She is also dog mom to her two Aussies, Zeke and Zefi.  


  • High Efficiency HVAC Design
  • Building Commissioning & Auditing
  • New Technology Market Integration