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What opportunities remain to transform overlooked applications in mature markets?

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)

Reduced Wattage Lamp Replacement Initiative – Forecasting, Evaluation, and Market Research

Cadeo worked closely with NEEA to inform a strategic intervention in the commercial lighting maintenance market through the Reduced Wattage Lamp Replacement (RWLR) initiative. Throughout the initiative’s lifecycle, Cadeo’s market analysis supported NEEA’s efforts to transform standard purchasing practices in the commercial lighting maintenance market by working with regional lighting distributors to push a product they’d carried for years but rarely sold: 25 Watt and 28 Watt T8 linear fluorescent lamps. Known as reduced wattage lamps, these 4-foot lamps are more efficient alternatives to the market’s standard 32W option at only a slightly higher cost. However, reduced wattage lamps had largely been ignored by commercial consumers and lighting distributors alike. While per-lamp savings are modest, NEEA knew annual sales of linear fluorescents was massive and that moving the market toward reduced wattage lamps would yield large savings and pave the way for LED adoption.

When the project began in 2014, Cadeo helped NEEA understand the opportunity by characterizing the region’s commercial lighting market supply chain and developing a baseline forecast of 25W and 28W lamps sales NEEA’s efforts. In 2016, we contributed to the initiative’s first Market Progress Evaluation Report. In 2018, we reviewed the entirety of NEEA’s communication logs with RWLR participants and, in conjunction with an analysis of distributor-specific sales data, identified successful midstream intervention tactics. And, in 2019, when the initiative ended, we completed its final MPER and captured lessons learned in a way that has allowed NEEA to leverage RWLR as a springboard for other midstream initiatives.

Research & Evaluation

Cadeo helps our clients identify opportunities for immediate and long-term success through accurate and thoughtful impact and process evaluations.