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Can better rating systems transform the efficient pumps market?

Hydraulic Institute

Pumps Efficiency Rating Utility Outreach and Support

Commercial energy efficiency programs have begun investing in non-lighting technologies, where opportunities for energy savings through innovation remain substantial. The Hydraulic Institute (HI) responded to this trend by creating an energy rating for clean water pumps that could help the market discern efficient equipment choices. However, the organization lacked the materials and outreach capabilities to support transformation of the pumps market. Cadeo built myriad tools to support program development and promotional activities among utilities throughout the U.S., including marketing and training materials, case studies, and plug-and-play slide deck content. These materials help efficiency program sponsors construct effective incentive programs that take advantage of the savings opportunities in the pumps market. The Cadeo team also facilitated broad outreach efforts, introducing the diverse applications of HI’s Energy Rating program to companies across the United States.

Implementation Support

Cadeo leverages our market research and data science expertise to shape and support our clients’ programs. We help our clients obtain and build on market intelligence and weave these insights into real-time support of program implementation. We ensure systematic research and market analyses are available to inform program adjustments well before annual evaluation cycles.