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How do you fill holes in regional lighting stock data?

Bonneville Power Administration

Outdoor Lighting Stock Assessment

The Northwest benefits from residential, commercial, and industrial-specific regional stock assessments led by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, however these projects leave a gap in outdoor lighting market segments that do not fit neatly into the existing study frameworks. To better understand the characteristics of significant outdoor lighting segments—most notably street and roadway lighting—BPA launched an outdoor lighting stock assessment (OLSA) to improve the region’s understanding of the outdoor lighting stock in the Pacific Northwest. Cadeo worked with BPA to design a study that could fill this regional information gap.

Using a geographic sampling approach that stratified regional census blocks based on satellite luminosity data and a customized, web-based geographic information system, Cadeo remotely inventoried outdoor lighting sites across the Northwest and developed a statistically valid estimate of the number of streetlights in the region. In addition to developing this regional count, we also – through creative data collection and persistence – used publicly available information to estimate street lighting technologies mixes (i.e., how many are already LED? How many are still HID?) for the urban and rural portions of each state. The information collected by Cadeo benefited BPA and informed the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s regional power plan analyses.

Research & Evaluation

Cadeo helps our clients identify opportunities for immediate and long-term success through accurate and thoughtful impact and process evaluations.