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What commercial HVAC technologies should be prioritized for market development?

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)

Commercial HVAC Technology Assessment

Cadeo’s emerging tech team worked closely with NEEA staff to develop a Commercial HVAC Technology Assessment to inform program development and prioritize additional research. The assessment included a review and evaluation of current and emerging commercial HVAC technologies and opportunities, with a focus on quantifying energy savings potential, technology readiness, market readiness, cost and other key characteristics. We used the resulting matrix to screen 100 technologies and identify 30 technologies for a deeper dive. Informed by the results of this more in-depth review, NEEA staff identified a handful of technologies for prioritization and potential inclusion in future initiatives. Perhaps unsurprisingly, technologies that save both heating and cooling energy, like advanced heat pump technologies and controls ranked higher than those with narrower energy-saving opportunities.

Technology Assessment

Cadeo gives clients a realistic assessment of emerging technologies’ potential within the context of a specific market. We help our clients effectively allocate resources to plan for and promote distributed energy resources of tomorrow.