Research, analysis, and engineering to inform interventions in energy-efficient technologies, distributed energy resources, and a more sustainable future.

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At Cadeo, we enable informed decision making through six key services: Market characterization, engineering, data science, evaluation, technology assessment, and policy analysis.
Market Characterization

Transformation starts with characterization. Changing market structure and practice requires deep understanding. Interventions designed to promote energy-efficient products, decarbonize energy consumption, or influence specific market segments all need a keen understanding of who is out there, what they sell, and how they sell it. Markets aren’t standing still – they are constantly evolving. Cadeo characterizes markets to understand dynamics among key players and what drives them. From this informed position, our clients motivate change.


Emerging technologies can be complex. Our engineering team helps our clients navigate these technologies and incorporate them into their programs. Our engineering services range from residential and commercial building simulation to development of equipment specifications and rating systems. We work with partners to conduct laboratory testing and field work, advising on data collection procedures and testing protocols.

Data Science

We live in the age of big data. The amount of information expands exponentially every day, and that can be overwhelming. At Cadeo, data science is a discipline that does not live in a vacuum: we help our clients understand data—big and small—in the context of markets, technology, policy, planning, program evaluation and engineering. We distill customer, public, and third-party data sources into actionable, hypothesis-driven insights that often cross traditional functional areas.


Successful interventions are constantly evolving – building on their achievements and responding quickly to lessons learned. In the spirit of continuous improvement, Cadeo helps our clients identify opportunities for immediate and long-term success through accurate and thoughtful impact and process evaluations. Our actionable recommendations are grounded in how markets actually work. That is, how end-users actually make energy-related decisions about their homes, businesses, and modes of transportation.

Technology Assessment

Technological development creates the opportunity to do more with less. The essence of efficiency. Despite those clean-looking “diffusion” charts, not all technologies succeed. Many barriers may stand in the way: cost, consumer preferences, market structure, reliability… Cadeo gives clients a realistic assessment of emerging technologies’ potential within the context of a specific market. We help our clients effectively allocate resources to plan for and promote distributed energy resources of tomorrow.

Policy Analysis

Broadly speaking, ‘policy’ can take many forms, whether it be program design, federal or utility commission regulation, or a stakeholder communication strategy. At Cadeo, we use our market research and creativity to expand the suite of policy options available to our clients. We believe it is our responsibility to understand each client’s particular set of pressures and stakeholder constituencies that influence their decision making process. When possible, we forecast costs and benefits of various alternatives to inform decision making. We also help clients with a local or regional focus understand how federal policy affects them specifically.