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Trista Caudill

Trista Caudill brings 4 years of professional marketing and design experience to her role of Marketing Coordinator at Cadeo. Her past experiences encompass a wide range of visual communication and branding, from collaborating with small business owners to develop a brand identity from scratch to strategizing the promotion of new products for established businesses. Trista’s endeavors have a strong, multi-disciplinary, creative backbone. As a result, her work often utilizes her background in fine arts, photography, film, and writing. At Cadeo, Trista utilizes her passion for creating and storytelling within a brand to lead and maintain marketing efforts. She also assists in the execution of client documents and internal communication.

Trista holds a B. S. in Marketing from Portland State University. Trista also enjoys playing board games with her partner, making music with her friends, printing, and bothering her cat, Cecilia.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Adobe Creative Suite