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Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey brings over six years of editing experience to Cadeo. Adept at working with interdisciplinary teams, providing technical translation, and managing complex projects, Sarah’s passion lies in clear communication. She strives to make each deliverable as concise, consistent, and correct as possible. Sarah is familiar with several style guides and document types. She has reviewed documents ranging from two-page memos to 1,200-page environmental impact statements. Her experience as a professional writer led to a deep understanding of both sides of the writing and editing process.

Sarah holds a BA in English and Comparative Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing. She also studied professional editing at the University of Chicago. She is a member of the Northwest Editors Guild and ACES: The Society for Editing. Sarah also volunteers for Write Around Portland, a local nonprofit organization focused on bringing the power of writing to underserved communities. When she isn’t behind a screen, Sarah enjoys hiking, reading, and making homemade pasta—and feeding the scraps to her two dogs.


  • Storytelling
  • Publication Management
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Plain Language Guidelines