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Channing Hunter

Channing brings two years of experience as an energy analyst and five years of experience in data analytics to Cadeo. He has focused on supporting engineering staff and energy professionals with actionable insights and statistical modeling. Before joining Cadeo, Channing was an energy analyst with Energy 350, where he worked supporting mid-level and senior level staff on commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs in the Northwestern United States and California. Channing worked on or evaluated Strategic Energy Management (SEM) programs in Washington State, Oregon, and California. In his work with Cadeo, Channing has learned methodologies to calculate building and program level savings for the commercial and industrial sector, program evaluation, and accurately modeling market transformations. He holds a B.A. in Statistics, a M.Eng. in Environmental, Energy & Chemical Engineering, and a certificate in Renewable Energy and the Environment from Washington University in St. Louis. Outside of the office, Channing enjoys kayaking, archery, cross country skiing, and cycling.


  • Data analytics
  • Building energy modeling
  • Statistical modeling
  • Data visualization