Cadeo Public Data Analysis

If you were passionate about finding creative ways to drive energy efficiency forward, what would you do with permit records from tens of thousands of buildings and mechanical system installations?  At Cadeo, we made a internal competition out of that question.  The ground rules: Well, there were none. Form a team or go it alone, but the charge is the same:  generate and develop some creative concepts that our clients could use to promote their demand side management goals using the data. Best ideas, as presented at our next all-hands meeting, are treated to a chicken dinner! Well, okay, any dinner. 

The winning teams used public data (a caveat: “publicly available” + lots of intern elbow grease = usable data) to identify residential households that are most likely to need an HVAC system replacement in the near term. Using public data from King County, WA, the team analyzed and combined permit and parcel data to determine the probability that a household would replace their HVAC system in a given year.

This matters to utilities (our customers) because many people replace HVAC systems on failure, which means that the opportunity to influence a more energy-efficient purchase is narrow. And in the HVAC market, once that opportunity is gone, it’s gone for decades. Cadeo can help utilities leverage third-party data sources to target marketing efforts towards customers that are likely to be replacing their HVAC systems and inform those customers of their energy-efficient options – contact us to find out how.

Cadeo is an energy consulting firm that helps utilities and public agencies achieve their clean energy goals through creative policy analysis, market research, and evaluation services.

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