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  • How Do National Account Businesses Do Energy Efficiency?

    Client: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
    Project: National Accounts Market Study

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    National accounts—big chains and franchises—are different from other businesses, and that includes their approach to energy-efficiency. Their footprint is large, and often their decision to install efficient equipment impacts hundreds, if not thousands, of stores across the region and the country. They often leverage their purchasing power to negotiate pricing directly with manufacturers and sometimes even work with manufacturers to create new efficient products. Cadeo led an exploratory study for BPA to explore how these supply chain variations affected BPA’s market modeling work. To share our findings in the Northwest, we organized a panel session at the 2017 Efficiency Exchange conference, where national account experts shared their experiences with energy efficiency. Watch that session here.

  • Residential Lighting: A Load in Decline

    Client: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
    Project: Residential Lighting Market Characterization

    Watch our very own Doug Bruchs dive into fascinating findings from BPA’s 2016 Residential Lighting Market Characterization. In the video below, he highlights the most important sales trends, supply chain shifts, and proposed regulatory changes in the market.

  • Northwest Commercial Lighting Sales Trends

    Client: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
    Project: Non-Residential Lighting Market Characterization

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    Cadeo is currently completing the third iteration of Bonneville Power Administration’s non-residential lighting market characterization. An integral part of this project was the third annual BPA NEEA Northwest Electrical Distributor Lighting Survey, where the team collected regional sales data from 29 wholesale distributors, in order to paint a picture of the sales landscape for non-residential lighting.

    The following summary report highlights trends in the market over the past six years, and answers the questions many lighting professionals are pondering. Are LEDs dominating sales yet? How are controls impacting commercial sales? Are HIDs still declining? Check out the full report above to find these answers, and more.


  • Illuminating Findings

    Client: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
    Project: Non-Residential Lighting Market Characterization

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    Cadeo undertook an intensive research effort to characterize the lighting market for NEEA and Bonneville Power Administration in 2015. We recognize that markets change and sometimes they change quickly. We go straight to the source to get the best real-time market and sales data. That’s why we conducted interviews with regional lighting experts, distributors, and lamp and fixture manufacturers and created a map of the lighting supply chain in the region. Together with Navigant, we also collected sales data from several Northwest distributors and analyzed it to determine a new market average baseline for BPA’s commercial and industrial lighting program.

    We then synthesized the most compelling findings from regional sales patterns and the trajectory of the LED market. The result? Actionable data and detailed profiling of market actors that means a win-win for regional distributors and energy efficiency alike. BPA gained critical lighting market intelligence, particularly regarding the rapidly growing LED market, which optimizes program design. The data and insights obtained helped our clients to better understand customers’ purchasing behavior and energy-efficiency practices as well as the attitudes, aptitudes and practices among lighting distributors, manufacturers and salespeople.

    Here is an example of one of the visuals generated for this report:


  • Sharing Is Caring

    Client: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
    Project: Appliance Standards Analysis

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    What’s good news if you don’t share it? Similarly, what good is a model if only one person can use it? At Cadeo, we don’t believe in black box models, the results of which only we can interpret. We make transparent, transferable models that everyone can follow.

    We’re doing this right now for BPA – crafting models that assess the impact of national and regional appliance standards on energy consumption in the Pacific Northwest. We build our models on a common platform, showcasing their logical flow and making review a snap. We believe our clients should be able to pick one up the way you would a hammer, immediately recognizing its function with little instruction. But don’t worry, we still give you the instructions, the documentation, and the underlying assumptions. We show you the soft underbelly of our models because we know that when our clients understand how the models work, the models get better.



  • Working With Sales Data Transparently

    Client: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
    Project: Market Segmentation Analysis

    What happens once we get sales data? Cadeo developed a detailed framework for market analysis to estimate the size and efficiency mix of a market using incomplete sales data. Grounded in both qualitative and quantitative techniques, we created a clear framework that provides actionable guidance on how to mitigate uncertainty in market size and mix estimates.

    We love this project because it focuses on something that’s considered a best practice, yet emphasized all too infrequently: transparency. At Cadeo, we don’t pretend to know everything. Instead of hiding behind jargon and “professional judgment” we highlight the weaknesses of our analysis to showcase just how we can get better and what it will take. We show what we know, clearly and honestly.

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