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Cadeo undertook an intensive research effort to characterize the lighting market for NEEA and Bonneville Power Administration in 2015. We recognize that markets change and sometimes they change quickly. We go straight to the source to get the best real-time market and sales data. That’s why we conducted interviews with regional lighting experts, distributors, and lamp and fixture manufacturers and created a map of the lighting supply chain in the region. Together with Navigant, we also collected sales data from several Northwest distributors and analyzed it to determine a new market average baseline for BPA’s commercial and industrial lighting program.

We then synthesized the most compelling findings from regional sales patterns and the trajectory of the LED market. The result? Actionable data and detailed profiling of market actors that means a win-win for regional distributors and energy efficiency alike. BPA gained critical lighting market intelligence, particularly regarding the rapidly growing LED market, which optimizes program design. The data and insights obtained helped our clients to better understand customers’ purchasing behavior and energy-efficiency practices as well as the attitudes, aptitudes and practices among lighting distributors, manufacturers and salespeople.

Here is an example of one of the visuals generated for this report: