Our team is driven by intellectual curiosity.

At Cadeo, we strive to cut through the clutter and deliver straightforward solutions.

Our Culture

As stewards of a tight-knit company, each of us at Cadeo helps shape the culture we want to share. As we continue to grow, our culture will no doubt evolve, but the following core principles will not.

  • We start with the premise that we don’t know what we don’t know. That way, we listen better.
  • We value candor, curiosity, and clarity.
  • We seek feedback. Really.
  • We share knowledge. Relentlessly.
  • We guard against the creep of bureaucracy.

Our People

  • Rob Carmichael

    Rob is a principal and the founder of Cadeo. He helps clients think strategically about the role of policy in advancing energy efficiency in the marketplace. He relies on his extensive experience in market and technology characterization, policy and financial impact analysis, and stakeholder coordination to help clients design forward-thinking energy efficiency programs that deliver results. (MORE)

    Prior to launching Cadeo, Rob was an Associate Director at Navigant Consulting, where he provided analytical and programmatic support to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Appliance Standards Program. There, he led the financial and competitive impact analyses Navigant conducted in support of DOE's assessment of mandatory appliance and equipment efficiency standards. He has also led large complex engagements for the Bonneville Power Administration, including a commercial lighting market characterization study and an intensive modeling assessment of regional energy savings from efficiency standards.

    Rob holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining Navigant, he worked at USA Today covering energy issues in the news. He loves golf, P90X, and Notre Dame football.

  • Elizabeth Daykin

    Elizabeth Daykin, as a principal with Cadeo, combines her love of efficiency, technical expertise, and an extensive portfolio of technical projects to understand her client’s needs, envision an ideal future, and build an achievable roadmap to analytic excellence. Elizabeth leads the development and implementation of databases and brings her expertise in developing analytic ETL processes in SQL Server, Oracle, Netezza, and Teradata to ensure her clients have robust and efficient solutions. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Elizabeth was a consulting director with Corios, LLC where she led multi-year analytics projects for clients in the financial services and insurance industries. This included implementing a rapid model deployment framework for a large insurance company, leading numerous marketing campaign automation projects, and implementing a model management framework for a mid-size bank. Elizabeth worked closely with clients to gather requirements and ensure overall project success while taking a lead role in the development and implementation of analytical solutions.

    Elizabeth’s prior experience as a planning specialist in Energy Efficiency at the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) developed her deep familiarity with energy efficiency in the Northwest. At BPA she led measure research efforts in coordination with program and engineering leads, compiled and analyzed program data, and coordinated with the Northwest Power & Conservation Council’s Regional Technical Forum. Elizabeth also has extensive experience working with utilities outside the Northwest; as a senior associate with the Cadmus Group she specialized in cost-effectiveness analysis and led the development of analytical tools including DSM Portfolio Pro, which was used by planners, evaluators, and regulators across North America. Elizabeth also managed impact and process evaluations for a wide array of utility clients and was the technical lead in planning program participation and budgets for several energy-efficiency plans.

    Elizabeth holds a B.S. in Mathematics and completed all coursework toward an M.S. in Statistics at Portland State University. When she’s not coding, Elizabeth enjoys camping & hiking, reading mysteries, doting on her rescue dog Cali, and being a crazy cat lady.

  • Doug Bruchs

    Doug Bruchs is a principal at Cadeo. He specializes in helping utilities and regional efficiency organizations determine the energy impacts of their programs, while at the same time identifying opportunities to improve the program's delivery mechanisms. During his dozen years working as an energy-efficiency evaluation professional, he has taken on a diverse range of roles from field technician to lead analyst to project manager. (MORE)

    Through these experiences, Doug has learned how to support efficiency industry stakeholders in their goal to offer, and continually improve, high-quality efficiency programs that deliver reliable energy savings.

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Doug was a senior associate with the Cadmus Group, Inc., where he led multi-year impact and process portfolio evaluations for utilities in Massachusetts and Missouri. Through these experiences, he learned how to assess energy-efficiency potential, create long-term evaluation plans that inform program implementation, accurately estimate program energy and demand impacts, and to effectively communicate methodologies and findings with a wide range of efficiency stakeholders. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Portland's Community Energy Project.

    Doug holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at San Diego and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University. He loves hiking and reading with his two young children, attempting to play basketball, and enjoying Portland's limited – but glorious – sunshine.

  • Fred Schaefer

    Fred Schaefer is a principal at Cadeo, where he helps clients use quantitative models to characterize markets, understand the impacts of uncertainty on future outcomes, and better understand their customers. Fred leans upon years of analytical experience to emphasize practical and transparent solutions to the complex problems that our clients face. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Fred was most recently a consulting director at Corios, a boutique management consulting firm, where he enabled clients in the financial services, manufacturing, retail, and utility industries to use the power of analytics to gain insights about their customers and business processes, and ultimately to boost their bottom-lines. In addition to his tenure at Corios, Fred has spent several years in the Northwest energy-efficiency scene as an associate at the Cadmus Group. While at Cadmus, Fred led numerous conservation potential assessments and impact evaluation tasks for utilities across North America.

    Fred holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College and a M.S. in Statistics from Oregon State University. When away from the office, Fred enjoys spending time with his children, applying his analytical skills to fantasy sports and board games, and cooking meat in his backyard.

  • Kate Bushman

    Kate Bushman is a director with Cadeo. Here she works alongside her clients to conduct strategic market research and program evaluation. As a researcher, Kate’s priority is delivering well-supported findings and recommendations to her clients to help them make smart decisions about their programs and policies. A natural collaborator, Kate loves to talk through ideas, divvy up responsibilities, and build something as a team. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Kate conducted energy-efficiency program evaluation and research at The Cadmus Group for six years. While at Cadmus, she performed extensive market research on the appliance recycling industry in California, evaluated the statewide residential energy-efficiency programs in Wisconsin, and measured the effectiveness of an innovative program design in Vermont. Kate also leverages her prior experience in the international development industry, where she developed and implemented programs in the United States and West Africa. Her international experience strengthened her big-picture thinking, intercultural communication, and creativity.

    Kate holds a M.S. in Community and Regional Planning from The University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. in International Studies from Middlebury College. In her free time, she travels whenever possible, experiments with small-time philanthropy as a member of the Awesome Portland board, and sings everything from country to opera (but always to very small audiences).

  • Sarah Widder

    Sarah Widder is a director at Cadeo where she combines her in-depth technical understanding of technologies and experience identifying and analyzing market dynamics to develop solutions that address the key barriers to achieving impactful market transformation. Sarah leverages her extensive work experience with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and regional clients to evaluate new emerging technologies, develop installation best practices, and understand market barriers to more widespread deployment. For example, Sarah has experience evaluating the energy efficiency and demand response performance of heat pump water heaters under a number of installation scenarios that have led to important insights regarding their application and implementation in programs and Standards. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Sarah worked as a research engineer for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where she gained a broad base of experience in evaluating and implementing energy efficiency and resource conservation measures in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors through regulatory development, lab scale R&D efforts, and largescale field demonstration projects for DOE and regional stakeholders. This unique experience, spanning from the lab to the field, includes evaluating a range of new energy efficiency technologies (such as heat pump water heaters, low-load HVAC systems, NILM, and Low-E storm windows), leading test procedure development for DOE’s Appliance and Commercial Equipment Standards (ACES) program, and developing new programs and savings estimates for review and approval by the Regional Technical Forum. Sarah’s broad range of experience enables her to bring unique insights in assessing and addressing technical challenges to equipment development and evaluation, as well as working collaboratively with industry and other stakeholders to develop successful market transformation programs.

    Sarah has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Washington State University. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, running, backpacking, swimming, cross-country skiing, and pretty much anything that involves being outside.

  • Tim Treadwell

    Tim is a director at Cadeo and brings to this role more than 13 years of experience in DER policy and research. During his career, Tim has helped design, launch, and implement market transformation programs and projects focused on energy efficiency, load management, rooftop solar PV, electric vehicles, and energy storage. His previous work includes a CEC EPIC research grant focused on EE behavior among Latino homeowners in California, numerous DOE SunShot grants focused on reducing market barriers to adoption of solar PV, and market characterization of early stage EV adoption in California. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Tim was the Director of Engineering, Research and Analysis at the Center for Sustainable Energy, where he led a team of research analysts and energy engineers in their support of CSE’s numerous DER market transformation programs. This role provided an in-depth understanding of DER market dynamics and a close working relationship with key stakeholders. Tim also served as the Director of Energy Technologies at Ecova, supporting the design of load management products for utility clients. This role provided him with important insights on emerging load management strategies and technologies. Tim holds a B.S. in Natural Resources, Planning and Interpretation from Humboldt State University and a M.S. in Environmental Policy from Bard College.

  • Amy Jackson

    Amy uses her expertise in energy efficiency program design and implementation to provide insight into the program evaluation process. She enjoys identifying opportunities for improving processes that drive savings, efficiency, and customer engagement. Prior to joining Cadeo, Amy served as the Sr. Program Manager for a single-client portfolio of five programs comprising a five-year budget of $97M+ (including incentives). She was deeply involved in the design and delivery of the portfolio, from contract negotiation through the second year of implementation. Amy was responsible for the cost, implementation and performance of the portfolio, including oversight of four major subcontractors. In the first year of delivery, the portfolio achieved 132% of the MWh goal, while spending only 93% of the incentive budget. Amy excels at working with teams to devise solutions to problems, both proactively and reactively. (MORE)

    She holds a B.A. in Business Management and Theatre from Linfield College and an M.S. in Technical Writing from Portland State University. Amy is also a certified Project Management Professional.

  • Laura Degitz

    Laura Degitz is an associate director at Cadeo. She has six years of experience in working with public policy pertaining to energy efficiency and supports the Department of Energy's Appliance Standards Program in ensuring regulated products comply with DOE's energy efficiency requirements. Specifically, Laura assists the Department with product certification, compliance testing and regulatory rulemakings. (MORE)

    Laura holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

  • Mark Carlisle

    Mark Carlisle is a senior associate with Cadeo and has seven years of experience working with public policy pertaining to energy efficiency. Here at Cadeo, Mark combines his interest in energy efficiency and his experience in laboratory research to facilitate testing and data analysis of consumer and commercial products. He supports the Department of Energy’s Appliance Standards Program in ensuring regulated products comply with DOE’s energy efficiency requirements. Specifically, Mr. Carlisle assists the Department with product compliance testing. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Mark was a managing consultant at Navigant Consulting, where his work helped establish the DOE’s Appliance Technology Evaluation Center and develop the DOE’s round robin program. He also has experience in fuel cell research and testing as an intern with Contained Energy in Cleveland, OH. Mark holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, and enjoys music, bike riding, chess, and laughter.

  • Ethan Wilkes

    Ethan Wilkes is a senior associate with Cadeo where he uses his experience in economics and data analysis to provide insight to clients. He enjoys unraveling market interactions that drive outcomes and communicating his findings in a simple, intuitive way. At Cadeo, Ethan’s work focuses on quantitative modeling and strategizing to help clients estimate energy savings from program initiatives. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Ethan served ISO New England stakeholders as a market analyst. In this role, he leveraged ISO data to screen for manipulative financial behavior and assess market competitiveness in the wholesale energy market. Through written reports, presentations, and stakeholder interactions he provided transparency into policy impacts and market structure to help inform decision-making.

    Ethan holds a B.S. in Economics and an M.S. in Applied Economics from Montana State University. In his free time, Ethan enjoys skiing, climbing, backpacking, and everything outdoors.

  • Mariette Phillips

    Mariette Phillips is a senior associate with Cadeo and has over ten years of experience working in energy efficiency. She supports the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Appliance and Equipment Standards Program in product certification, compliance, and enforcement. Specifically, Mariette assists with testing facilitation, contracts and equipment management. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Mariette was a senior consultant with IBM, and most recently CSRA, providing budget and management analysis, to include energy- and cost-savings analysis and rulemaking reporting and management, for DOE’s Appliance and Equipment Standards Program.

    Mariette holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science from American University and a Master’s in Journalism from Georgetown University. She thoroughly enjoys travel—particularly to warmer climates—and is a lover of art history.

  • Bretnie Eschenbach

    Bretnie Eschenbach brings 17 years of experience working in energy efficiency and commercial building systems. Her energy engineering work is a balance of technical and analytical skills and a drive to produce high quality results. Prior to joining Cadeo, Bretnie was a Senior Energy Management Analyst with Seattle City Light, doing energy analysis on projects with commercial buildings including lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, building envelope, and controls. In 10 years, she saved her customers more than 28 million kWh of energy savings. Before leaving for Cadeo, she completed a field study of advanced plug strips for BPA to help inform their regional effort to support the technology. Prior to Seattle City Light she worked for the National Park Service’s Pacific West Regional Office providing technical assistance to facilities including energy efficiency, waste management, and water conservation. (MORE)

    She holds a B.A. in Communication from Southwestern University and is a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional.

  • Kate Donaldson

    Kate Donaldson is an associate at Cadeo. At Cadeo, she uses her background in energy policy to evaluate energy efficiency programs and inform savings estimates and future program design. Her work focuses on supporting utility's and federal agency's efforts to forecast energy savings from program initiatives both quantitatively through data analysis and qualitatively through stakeholder interviews. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Kate worked in government affairs for Daikin U.S. Corporation supporting the company’s North American manufacturing efforts by tracking compliance with federal and state standards on energy efficiency and refrigerant use. Kate holds a B.A in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia and an M.S. in Commerce from UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce.

  • Nathan Baker

    Nate Baker is an engineer in energy efficiency at Cadeo. At Cadeo, Nate uses his experience with water and energy optimization in industrial markets to evaluate and inform decisions on energy efficiency standards and codes. His work concentrates on supporting client’s efforts to increase energy efficiency surrounding motor-driven equipment in industrial and commercial applications. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Nate was a district representative with Nalco Water where he worked with manufacturing facilities and commercial buildings to optimize water, energy, and natural resource usage surrounding HVAC and large-scale boiler systems. Nate holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and enjoys hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and woodworking.

  • Jonah Hessels

    Jonah Hessels is an associate at Cadeo. His passion for engineering and problem solving permeates a wide variety of projects at Cadeo. Jonah works with regional efficiency organizations to determine the effects of their initiatives, quantify energy savings, and characterize market trends. His work for the utility companies in Massachusetts involves an engineering analysis of the home energy service measures for which these utilities claim energy savings. As a part of this project, Jonah used a building energy optimization (BEopt) software to construct building simulation models which estimated energy savings. His technical skillset combined with his curiosity for market trends ensures all sides of a deliverable get fully fleshed out before presentation. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Mr. Hessels was a lead researcher with MIT’s Sport Technology Group, where he developed an approach to verify the efficacy of emerging technologies within the golf teaching space. He also worked as part of the offshore wave energy research division at the Korean Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO) and completed an internship with Transsolar Climate Engineering as an analyst.

    Jonah holds a B.A. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. On the weekends you can find him enjoying live music, playing lacrosse, beekeeping, or brewing up a new batch of beer.


  • Justin Ho

    Justin Ho is an engineer in energy efficiency at Cadeo. At Cadeo, Justin uses his experience with energy and mechanical plan review of single and multifamily construction to assess and advise on energy efficiency standards and codes. His work focuses on assisting client’s goals to maximize energy efficiency within the motor-driven equipment in industrial and commercial applications. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Justin was a Mechanical Building Plans Engineer with the City of Seattle Department of Constructions and Inspections, where he enforced Seattle’s Energy, Mechanical, Commercial, and Residential codes on all new single and multi-family construction. Justin holds a BS in Environmental Science from Seattle University and is a certified LEED Green Associate. Justin enjoys eating at local restaurants, playing sports, and hiking.

  • Bilsay Varcin

    Bilsay Varcin is a quantitative analyst at Cadeo.  At Cadeo, Bilsay applies his experience with quantitative techniques in utility industry applications, such as load forecasting and impact evaluation for behavioral and demand response programs. (MORE)

    Before joining Cadeo, Bilsay was an environmental engineer at SWECO where he engaged in planning and feasibility studies for wastewater treatment plants in Turkey. He recently completed a practicum project for Consolidated Edison evaluating the accuracy of baseline energy formulas used to compensate commercial and industrial demand response program participants. Bilsay holds a Bachelor of  Science in Environmental Engineering from Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Middle East Technical University) and an M.A. in Applied Economics focusing on Resource and Energy Demand Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Alec Hammer

    Alec is an analyst at Cadeo. He is a recent graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a degree in economics. At Cadeo, Alec supports the U.S. Department of Energy’s Appliance Standards Program in ensuring regulated products comply with DOE’s energy efficiency requirements. Alec worked as an intern with Cadeo before transitioning to full time after graduation.

    In his free time, Alec can frequently be found playing golf, collecting vinyl records or rooting for the Washington Capitals ice hockey team. (MORE)

  • Mindy Kloser

    Mindy is an administrative specialist with Cadeo. She brings ten years working as an administrative professional and executive assistant to our team. She is passionate and driven by research, problem solving and building staff and client relationships grounded in transparency and integrity. During this time, she has taken on a diverse range of roles from executive assistant, to human resources specialist, to administrative specialist. (MORE)

    Prior to joining Cadeo, Mindy was an executive assistant and office manager assistant with Coraggio Group and an executive assistant, office manager and human resource specialist with Corios, where she assisted in developing internal processes, staff onboarding procedures, provided executive support, office management, administrative tasks, research and completed special projects. Through these experiences, she developed strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence solid in client engagement and employee relations.

    Mindy holds a B.A. in Communications and a certificate in Training and Development from Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, Oregon. She also volunteers and serves those in need through St. Vincent de Paul in the Sellwood community in Portland, Oregon.

  • Jenne Whittington

    Jenne is the Finance Manager for Cadeo.   She is passionate about organizing accounting systems and administrative workflows, placing an emphasis on software integration and workflow re-design.  Her primary focus at Cadeo is to create great reports that allow the data to be used in real time. (MORE)

    Before joining Cadeo, Jenne was Controller for Cassida Corporation, a distributor of cash handling machines, where she led a team responsible for maintaining, producing and distributing complex financial reports.

    Jenne is currently seeking her B.S in Accounting at Western Governor’s University. When she is not studying, she stays busy watching high school sporting events, travelling, taking walks and snuggling her three cats.