Introducing Elizabeth Daykin

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We’re thrilled to announce Elizabeth Daykin has joined the Cadeo team. Elizabeth brings technical expertise stemming from over 10 years working in energy efficiency and analytics. Elizabeth’s extensive portfolio of technical projects extends Cadeo’s analytical capabilities and supports our commitment to delivering targeted, analytics-based market research.

Elizabeth leads our quantitative solutions group, which includes designing and implementing databases to support client projects. She draws upon her experience with analytics platforms and developing extract-transform-load (ETL) processes in SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata to provide our clients with robust and efficient solutions.

“We look to ‘Big Data’ to magically provide answers, but that requires a human committed to investigating and communicating in a way that creates change. Cadeo is incredibly skilled in that regard, which is why I’m so excited to join this team.” – Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s experience with energy efficiency includes serving clients as a consultant with Cadmus where she specialized in cost-effectiveness analysis and led the development of analytical tools. Prior to joining Cadeo, Elizabeth leveraged her statistical modeling and programming skills as a consulting director with Corios, LLC where she led multi-year analytics projects for clients in the financial services and insurance industries, such as implementing marketing campaign automation and instituting a rapid model deployment framework. Elizabeth was also an energy efficiency planner at the Bonneville Power Administration where she saw the front lines of energy efficiency.

Elizabeth is based in Portland, Oregon and can be reached at 503-621-7975 or via email at We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Elizabeth!

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