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DEC 2016 – DOE Lamp Proposal More than Just More Efficient DOE recently proposed changes to the legal definition of general service lamps in a public notice and public meeting. The revised definition would cover almost all previously exempt specialty lamps, including reflectors and mini-base lamps, which we estimate represent approximately thirty percent of the market. Read more to understand the implications of these changes.

DEC 2016 – New ENERGY STAR® Specification Marks End of an Era The new ENERGY STAR® specification becomes effective 1/2/2017. Its higher efficacy requirements effectively require LED technology and likely foretell the beginning, or perhaps the middle, of the end of the CFL market. Read on to learn how this new specification impacts the residential lighting market.

SPRING 2016 – Introducing Elizabeth Daykin We’re thrilled to announce Elizabeth Daykin has joined the Cadeo team. Elizabeth brings technical expertise stemming from over 10 years working in energy efficiency and analytics. Elizabeth’s extensive portfolio of technical projects extends Cadeo’s analytical capabilities and supports our commitment to delivering targeted, analytics-based market research. Learn more about her background and what she brings to Cadeo here.